Frictionless sharing
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Private end-to-end encryption, secure transfer and your data won't be stored in the cloud

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What does it do? helps you when you need to send a password, text snippet or file from one phone, laptop or tablet to another device. No more painstakingly typing in your password character by character, sending yourself pieces of text via email or having to look for a USB stick. As long as you have a browser, you are ready to start sharing data between devices.

How does it work?

The QR code above is generated specifically for you. Scan it by pointing your phone’s camera at it (most of them have a QR scanner built in) to setup the connection and start sharing! If you don’t have a camera at hand, for instance when you want to connect your laptop to another computer, simply use the 'connect manually' option. Or use the 'invite' option if you like to setup a secure connection with someone else.

share passwords
No more sharing your passwords via WhatsApp, email, text message, or – even worse – writing it down for a colleague, friend or loved one on a piece of paper.
share text snippets
Share snippets of texts, suggestions for messages, a paragraph of an email or document, a piece of code, an error message, etc etc.
share files
Never again the desperate search for a USB stick or someone from the technical desk to get files from your laptop or phone to a computer you need it on. Also very handy for sharing files or photos with people you’ve just met, but currently don’t have (or want to have) in your contact list.

Your data is yours and yours alone

You should be able to share your data from one of your devices to another or share it with a friend, colleague or loved one without big technology giants following your every move. Your data is sent over a secure connection, is end-to-end encrypted and no data is stored on the server.

How you can help to keep it free

The Social Code Foundation wants to offer this privacy-friendly sharing service free to all, but to cover the operational costs it relies on donations by enthusiastic users. For privacy reasons, and because the advertisement business model is broken to the core, the project can’t be funded with ad revenue. For long term sustainability reasons the project doesn’t want to rely on investors: profit and economic growth shouldn't be at the core of every initiative.

So if you like this service, please consider supporting the project by chipping in. Thank you very much for making this possible!